Like some others, I’m getting back into blogging.

I’ll be “straying from my lane” and won’t just be writing about Python data libraries (though there will still be some of that). If you too would like to blog more, I’d encourge you to read Simon Willison’s What to blog About and Matt Rocklin’s Write Short Blogposts.

Because I’m me, I couldn’t just make a new post. I also had to switch static site generators, just becauase. All the old links, including my RSS feed, should continue to work. If you spot any issues, let me know (I think I’ve fixed at least one bug in the RSS feed, apologies for any spurious updates. But just in case, you might want to update your RSS links to

Speaking of RSS, it’s not dead! I’ve been pleasently surprised to see new activity in feeds I’ve subscribed to for years. (If you’re curious, I use NetNewsWire for my reader).